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Friday, April 20, 2007

Semiperfect Number

Quite the huge milestone was reached here at ye old blog yesterday. Tonni dropped in to take a took at my Turkish Stockings. She was nice enough to leave a comment, and lucky her - it was number 100! The most comments I've ever received before were the 47 for the Urban Aran Half Zip. Even that was overwhelming to me. This, well this is just simply amazing.

The number of people stopping by has far eclipsed anything I ever would have thought. I truly am touched and honored with all the comments and compliments on the Stockings. (blush)

So, in order to mark this momentous occasion, Tonni has some new sock yarn coming her way!

Oh - on the post title - 100 is a semiperfect number (even though I think it's pretty darn perfect!) which means that it is a natural number that is equal to the sum of all or some of its proper divisors. My little factoid for the day....