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Monday, January 22, 2007

Urban Aran Half Zip

Urban Aran Done
It's Done! I really love how it came out (excuse the squinting - I was facing into the bright winter sun!) totally wearable and comfortable. Exactly as I wanted!
Pattern: Urban Aran from Patons Street Smart Booklet
Yarn: Rowan Cork (about 11 skeins!)
Mods: Made into a half zip - added 2 purl stitches at the neck divide

Urban Aran with Dogs
I love the ribbing on the sides - a great visual element to this wonderful sweater! (yes, those are the Denmark socks peeking out!)
The zipper installation wasn't too bad - I used Bonnie Marie's zipper installation tutorial and it went pretty smooth.
Zipper Installation
I ended up with a dark brown zipper, but about 15" longer than I needed! (I have no craft stores near by, so the only place I can get one had about 4 to pick from!) So, I made a new "stop" for the zipper and cut it off. Now, I have another zipper to use for another project! (it was a double ender)
This will be worn very often and will probably become one of my favorites!

With the Urban complete, I managed to knock off a few smaller projects I've been meaning to get to. With the hat I knit last coming out too big, I tried again with more stash yarn (where did I get all this pink????)
Kids Hat - Take 2
Much better result. A bit snug and short for me. Fingers crossed it will fit a just turned 4 year old. I think it turned out pretty cute!

My sister requested (a long time ago) a little case for her digital voice recorder that she takes to lectures and rounds at the hospital. I whipped this little baby out after a few hours and using some leftover Lornas Laces from these socks. Pretty cute....
Voice recorder case
I used yarn overs to create little holes to thread the braided yarn through.

The Adlebaran socks are a bit of a challenge. Since they are written for bigger gauge sock yarn, I may just wing it and use the chart and basic design, but use my own sock formula. I'd really like to use those bright colors! I have some swatching and scribbling to do before I start.