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Monday, April 23, 2007

Moving On

Blue April Sky
It finally came. Spring entered New England this weekend in full force. Temperatures in the 70's and bright, blue skies. Ahhhhhh. Still no leaves or real greenery (as you can see from the picture) but there are lots of buds waiting patiently. I spent a lot of the weekend at the kennel both taking care of the dogs and moving everything off the floors - we are getting a new poured floor today, so everything had to be moved this past weekend. I have my share of blisters and bruises, but it felt great to do manual labor instead of sitting in front of a computer all day. The sun and I also made sure we had our share of quality time together. I missed you old friend! I took the opportunity to multi task - while I soaked up the sun's rays, I looked through some books for inspiration for my next pair of socks.
Knitting Pattern Books
There are so many amazing patterns out there! The yarn is already chosen -
Shelridge Soft Touch Heather Opal Close
Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Ultra in the beautiful Opal colorway. I got this yarn last year at the festival and thought it only right I use it before the next one arrives. With so many books and patterns, it's hard to choose, but I'm playing around with some patterns and hope to get started soon!

Speaking of the festival - Morehouse Merino posted a coupon here for $4 off your purchase! Discounted yarn - can't beat that!!

So, discounted yarn is great, but in the words of Allison, free yarn is better! Her wonderful gift of yarn arrived this weekend also.
Interlacements Tiny Toes
Soft, squishy and beautiful. The colors are so pretty - olive, burgundy, turquoise - it will be really neat to see how this knits up. As I was snapping photos, hubby came over to take a look. "Hey, I really like this yarn - these are all really "me" colors. Now this is stuff I'd love a pair of socks from!" Subtle hint dropped. The skeins have been claimed. I think a plain pair of ribbed socks will be perfect for both hubby and the yarn.

His other pair of socks just need a toe and they are ready for wear. I got some good knitting done in the sun this weekend.