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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Turkish Delight*

* from one of my favorite books of all time!

After a rough start, they are finally complete! (warning - picture heavy post!)

Turkish Side

Here they are in all their glory. A big thanks to hubby for the photo shoot!
Turkish Sole 2

Turkish Sole 1
Turkish One Leg
Turkish Front
Turkish Front Angle
Turkish Flat
Turkish Down the Front
Turkish Side
Turkish Back

They were really fun to knit once I worked out all the details. Now that I have gone through this process once, I really feel like I could design another set and have them come out even better. You'll notice the soles are different - I misread my notes on the second sock (one with less stripes) and didn't pick up as many yellow stitches. That's ok - I think it gives them a little hidden individuality! The picked up stitches along the heel flap aren't the neatest (I tried several times and just couldn't get them looking nice and tight), but overall I am very, very happy with them!

ETA: The inspiration for these came from the Turkish Stockings pattern in the book Ethnic Socks and Stockings. I tweaked them a bit to make them top down and more to my taste. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, knit on #1 KnitPicks 32" circulars.