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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Look Away

If you are watching calories or dieting, you may want to skip this post. Links to yummies ahead.....

Brownies are good. No two ways about it. Blondies are actually my favorite as I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate in any form. (I know - first lobster, and now chocolate....) After seeing Browniebabe's monthly brownie line up here I just couldn't hold out any longer. I wanted something different. Not a typical brownie. I found a great solution with Jess's Recipe. They came out just as she predicted - last night they were cakey and moist. I have yet to try them today, but I'm looking forward to them becoming a bit more dense and fudgy. They were a bit more work than a normal brownie - I had to pull out the blender - but it was a great result with a big glass of milk. Hubby approved.

Speaking of sweets - have you seen these incredible knit topped cupcakes? How cute are they! Perfect for any knit and food gathering! They are so detailed - she did an amazing job!

Monkey sock #2 chuggs along. I still can't believe what a quick knit these are. I have only had a few limited nights this week to work on them, and I am already halfway through the heel flap. With the four hour ride to Vermont this afternoon, I see lots of car knitting! I do plan on having my friend Ivy try them on when we are in Vermont this weekend - she has the same size foot as my sister. The last socks I did for her were DK weight, and since these are fingering weight, I want to get a "second foot opinion" before I kitchner the toe and send them off.

Sorry for the sporadic posting as of late - life has been a little hectic! I hope to get back to more regular posting in the next few weeks. Have a wonderful weekend!