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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Colors of Vermont

Every time I go to Vermont I leave happy. The scenery is amazing, the green (or whiteness depending on time of year) is beautiful and the people are so nice. My best friend moved back to Burlington years ago, so we don't get to see each other that often anymore. When last year we discovered and agility trial in Stowe, I couldn't resist. The trial is set at the base of the mountain. All around the green reaches up to meet the sky. (This post would be sooooo much better with pictures. Me - I forgot my camera. Stupid. Stupid.) The sky - dark, deep blue with some perfectly placed white puffy clouds.

The weekend was perfect. Ivy spend the day with us on Saturday and got to watch Tucker accumulate some of his bling.

Tucker Stowe 2007 Ribbons
Yep. We did well.
Tucker - Stowe 07
When the weather is sunny like this all the colors around just pop - the green leaves, the turquoise tunnel. Sun makes everything so much brighter (hence the visor in the photo - squinting for a few days makes your eyebrow muscles sore - take it from me!). My favorite ribbon - the Project Spectrum themed one, of course!
Tucker Grand Prix 2nd
The Performance National Standard is a tournament that culminates with the World Championships held in Arizona in October. There are a few regional and local qualifiers that are held, and this was one of them. You need to qualify in at least 2 of the local qualifiers to be able to go to the World Championships. I was so proud. A second place!!!! I guess you could say that Tucker now runs with the big dogs!

After a wonderful weekend with friends, dogs and great weather we topped it off with a stop on the way home.
Ben and Jerry's Napkins
The Ben & Jerry's factory is right on the way back to the highway from the trial site. Lucky us. A perfect way to end a great weekend.

I did get the heel on Monkey #2 done, but that is about it. With six runs with Tucker each day, I barely had time to sit down, let alone knit!