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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Few Days Rest

I am back, but only for a few days - we leave Friday afternoon for Vermont! It was a whirlwind shifted weekend. Saturday I had some nice downtime. I finally got around to making the Farmhouse White Bread I've been wanting to try. The day was warm, so it was perfect for rising and proofing the dough.

Bread final proofing
The loaves came out simply perfect!
Finished Loaves
The flavor is great and the crumb is nice and tender. As an added bonus, it made three pound loaves, so it will last a while. We made grilled cheeses on it the other night and man, does homemade bread do a lot to pump up a grilled cheese!!

With the recent warm temps, I also pulled out the ice cream maker and made some Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream from The Perfect Scoop - a recent library find. There are tons of great recipies and if they turn out anything like this first try, my waistline is in big trouble! I also love the fact that the book has recipes for all the "extras" as well - cones, brownies, crumbly add in's and all the sauces. A double thumbs up.

My "weekend" was really Sunday and Monday with an agility trial. Tucker got his Excellent A Jumpers title and what was even better is that Hubby was there to see it! It was nice having him there for the day with us to root us on. Ravin is still having some ring stress issues, but actually stayed in the ring for his runs on Monday. Small steps.....

Speaking of Tucker, I captured this goofy shot of him over the weekend. Cattledogs are known for their need to "brace" against things - when you pet him, he always braces his front leg over your arm. When he's laying on the couch, he braces his legs against it. This, however, is a little extreme.
Tucker under the table
He is one wacky dog.

So, I bet you came here for some knitting. I did manage to get Monkey #1 done.
Monkey #1
I'm not sure about the length as they are for my sister, so I may have to rip and re-knit the toe a bit shorter. The yarn (Three Waters Farm Superwash Sock)is wonderful though - no pooling, striping or icky color bunching of any kind! What everyone has been saying about Monkey is true - it is such a quick knit!