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Monday, May 14, 2007

Feet: Four Legged and Two

It was a glorious weekend weather-wise. Temps in the 70's and not a cloud to be found. Lucky for me, I had to be outside all weekend! Tucker, Ravin and I had a wonderful, relaxing time at the agility trial. Ravin, still a novice dog, had some focus issues (he insisted on visiting all the ring crew) but I was happy with parts of each of his runs. Tucker made me proud on Sunday, earning his first qualifying round in the Excellent class!

Tucker's first Excellent Q
Only two out of the 18 dogs in his height class qualified! His time was a little slower than the other dog, so he got 2nd.

While I was relaxing in my zero gravity chair watching the runs all weekend, I also got some knitting done.
Canal Du Midi
Pattern: Canal Du Midi from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Shepherd Baby Wool 4Ply
Needles: KnitPicks #1 Circulars (Magic Loop)
Modifications: None!!!

They are a bit snug and short on me as they are for my cousin down in Maryland. She always lets me stay at her house for the Sheep and Wool Festival so I thought it would be appropriate to give her a yarn related gift! The color is great. A bright orange, but not harsh at all. Kind of sherberty.
Canal Du Midi - Side
Canal Du Midi - Front
I got this yarn for quite a steal at a Fabric Place closing for something like $2 per ball. It's machine washable/dryable and I'm guessing by the title, intended for baby garments. The colors it comes in are so non-traditional baby, I coudln't resist. It did split a little, but nothing that got me too frustrated. The pattern is classic Nancy Bush. Beautiful, well written and creative. The texture is amazing. This sock has both a heel and toe that I have not done before. You can see the square heel (by Elinor) here and (by Kathy) here. I also was skeptical about fit, but it seems to fit me quite well. My cousin tried on one sock while I was down there for the festival, and she seemed to like it also. It's funny, as you are knitting the heel, the instructions don't seem any different - then you end up with this square heel! I'm assuming it has to do with the number of stitches you knit on each short row - with the same number over and over, you end up with a rectangle as a turned heel instead of a triangle. Neat concept. They will be mailed off this week!

This weekend was also Mother's Day. Since the agility trial was only about 10 minutes from my parent's house, we headed over after the trial on Sunday. Hubby met us there and prepared my mom an incredible dinner.
Mothers Day Dinner
It was so good. He truly spoiled us! I got scallops as I don't like Lobster (yes, you heard correctly!) but there was fresh spring asparagus, mashed cauliflower, mushrooms and a fennel salad. Deeelish!!!! My mom was thrilled and full. A very nice end to a wonderful weekend!

Our grass is finally taking off, so it's back to yard work this week. The mower is coming back from it's tune up today, so I'm sure my shoes will be grass covered by tonight! Ahhhhh, the smell of fresh cut grass in the spring. Can't be beat!