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Friday, April 21, 2006

Did I miss it??

A shocker, I know, but I actually sat down and started something last night! I'm still waiting for a few books to come in from the library to get my Linen Print pullover started (Knitting from the Top and Knitting in the Round) so I needed something to do in the meantime. Enter Clapotis.....

I grabbed the hand dyed lambswool/angora blend that came from the frogged thrift store yarn. Perfect! I got out my needles and did a little swatch to see how the colors would knit up.
Liking the result, I forged forward. Until I hit section 2, that is. It says to "knit to last marker". Am I supposed to have more than one?? I know I have seen pictures of Clapotis' in progress and have seen many a marker in place. In section 1 of the directions, it only instructs you to place a marker once. I totally feel like I missed something in this pattern that has been done probalby a trillion times by everyone but me.

Being that it was getting late, I figured I'd find the answers I needed in a good nights sleep and a browse of the 'net the next day versus combing over the directions another fifty times. So, here I am. Any help from previous Clapotis makers out there? Did I just forget to read something? I think I am a pretty smart knitter - I figured out cables, intarsia, socks and fair isle. No pattern scares me. Except this one......

Edited to add: Yes, I did miss it. A good nights sleep and several more reads through the pattern caused my eyes to glance upon the little "pm" on row 14 of the first section. Sigh. Now I can move on.