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Monday, April 24, 2006

Clap On!

(Stupid Blogger!! After trying to publish this weenie little post for a while now, it looks like it may have finally worked!)

I made some decent progress on Clapotis this weekend. I think I may only do 4 of the 6 repeats for the increase rows - I will never wear it as a wrap/shawl, and I only have about 425 yds of yarn. Then I can make it nice and long. The yarn is a bit of a pain - it is very splitty and has a ton of plies, so I have to be careful not to split the yarn. Other than that, it is pretty mindless knitting at this point.

I think I am going to make the plunge and order some Addi circulars from this Ebay seller. He has rave reviews from both the folks at KR and Knitty. He only has 32", but that is the length I used to make my Jawyalkers, and it seemed just fine for me. The 40" I just used for my dad's socks seemed like a lot of extra cord. I plan on getting a #0 and #1 while I'm there - may as well. They are kind of "inbetween" US sizes, so this way I can find what works for the yarn I have. I know the Lorna's Laces I got needs at least a #1 if not a #0. I'm anxious to compare the cords to circulars I've used before.

Any suggestions for Lorna's Jungle Stripe yarn? It makes skinny stripes (as seen here) so I'm not sure what kind of pattern (if any) would distract or show it off. The thought of pure stockinette socks kind of makes me shudder with boredom. Something like these maybe? I absolutely love the purple and green together!

I did a ton of training with the dogs this weekend. It was great. Tucker is getting more and more excited to run the courses, and Otis is learning to turn tighter and collect himself up to get more control. I can't wait until our next trial in May!

PS - What the heck happened to spring? It was about 70 last week, and the high today is supposed to be 45!!! New England strikes again!