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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Feeling a little lost

The toe up socks for dad are done!

My first toe up socks, and the first short row toes and heels that worked!

I will be making this pattern again - it is very versatile, and easy!

At this point, I have nothing on the needles at all! I feel like I'm wandering without a destination in sight. I have my new sock yarn, but I don't have a needle small enough to use on them (my smallest right now is a #2). I may have to just bite the bullet and get one before Maryland. The LYS is waaaaaay on the other side of the city from where I work, and there is no good way of getting there. I'll see if I have any spare time - but I doubt it. Or, maybe I can get hubby to stop there on his way home from classes tomorrow.

In desperation of having something to do, I swatched the Linen Print that I have in the very pretty "Crush" colorway. I started on size 10's, knowing the recommended gauge was 12 sts/4" on a #11, and I usually have to go down a needle size anyway. I got a whopping 16 sts/4"! So, I grabbed the #11 Denises (they felt so amazingly huge after doing socks!) and did a swatch with those - I got down to 14 sts/4". Sigh. I really, really do not want to use #13's. They are just too big. Plus, the fabric off of the #11's was pretty drapey/lacy already, so I don't want to go any bigger. I think I will try the 11's again and see what happens. I am planning an extremely simple, in the round, V-Neck sweater with hopefully 3/4 or long sleeves for spring. On 11's it should get done pretty quick. I have 13 balls, (about 780 yards) so there isn't a lot I can do with it, but my original idea was Anna - very simple, and I had enough yarn. I'm not sure I like the ribbing at the bottom and on the cuffs, but that is simple enough to remedy! But, getting gauge will be a challenge. I may just have to adjust the pattern if I come close. I may take the base of Anna, and throw in a form of the Cloud V-Neck. Probably not with the ribbing though - just a simple one with maybe crochet edging or something.

So, more swatching today, and hopefully I can start this thing!