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Friday, March 24, 2006

And they call it, gusset love

These quick little projects are really fun. I was puppy free, so I had time last night to work on the cabled armwarmers I'm making out of the purple superwash I dyed a few weeks back. I am past the thumb gusset, and should eaily finish tonight. Hopefully, I can finish the second one tonight also! (My hand is stretching out the bottom)

I really looooove how the gusset turned out. I used an increase I hadn't tried before - the "KRL" (knit right loop). It gave me a perfect increase with no holes! The gusset is really nice. For some reason, I just am so pleased with it I can't stop looking at it!

I also dyed the rest of the off white thrift store yarn. I really like how the colors came out - very sherberty and bright. I used a few different oranges (both Kool Aid and the Klass brand mixed) and some bright pink (Watermelon I think?) I watered down.

(sherbert for comparison)

I still have to figure out what I'm going to make with both this and the brownandblue yarn - any suggestions? I have about 425 yds of each. Maybe a hat and mitts, or another set of armwarmers! Some pattern stash diving is in order this weekend (I have to re-organize them anyway, so it's a good excuse!)

I'm sure I will have lots of puppy pictures to post next week - I'm being invaded over the weekend!