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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Project Spectrum

March is all things Red/Pink for Project Spectrum. Margene over at ZenNeedle had a great idea of snapping photos of things around the house. Since both hubby and I love color, I didn't have to go far....(I never realized how many red things were around!)

red, big, sqooshy, comfy couch (aka my knitting spot and doggie nap spot)

red room and red chair

Lucky Charms (hubby's favorite)

Some bright colors for a very gray day outside.

I did some Kool Aid dying last night while I watched TiVo'd Amazing Race. I took some bright purple yarn that I got in trade (superwash wool, DK weight) and wanted to tone it down. It was even too bright for me! I added a packet of Tropical Punch and Cherry Kool Aid, popped it into the microwave and viola! (left is before, right is after!)

The flash washed it out a bit, but it's a beautiful, rich plum color with some dashes of the bright purple. Really pretty!

I did some work on the wristwarmers last night. The K2P2 ribbing gets boring, but I'm hoping it will go quick....