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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hats off!

My sister's snowflake hat was done over the weekend, but I wanted to post some pictures.....

and, because it's a Fair Isle project you have to show the inside!
Not too bad, I think! Some of my longer floats were a little loose, but I guess that's better than too tight. I made the hat a little long because she wanted it to be able to cover her ears.

The brownandblue yarn got wound into balls....

(the color is a little washed out - it is a bit richer in person)

Purty! I got some orange and red/pink to do some more dying. I found my local WalMart actually had the hispanic version of Kool Aid, and that had that weird Tamarind or something flavor that makes brown! They also had a bunch of good oranges - one that looked like cantaloupe, mango and a nice bright orange. I'm hoping to maybe do some tonight if I get home from our agility lesson early enough. Our first USDAA trial of the season is in April in New York!

Tucker got approved for his AKC ILP registration last week, so now we can enter all the AKC trials as well! This is going to be one busy summer!