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Monday, March 27, 2006

Puppy and FO pictures!

As promised, some adorable puppy pictures

I also finished the wristwarmers! (The bottom is a more accurate color)

They fit perfect and are very cozy. I think I'll get a ton of use out of them!

So, as of this moment I have NOTHING on the needles! A scary thought. I kind of felt lost after I finished the wristwarmers - nothing concrete planned, no gift or time sensitive projects on the horizon. In a fit of desperation, I went through my stash and did some swatching to see what I could come up with to do next. I'd like to do the Country Socks from Folk Socks (photo courtesy Purly) for my hubby, but I only have one color of superwash right now that would work for it. I swatched for Mariah with the light blue angora soft and got gauge. I also swatched for the Bomber pattern with the light grey Naturelle 8/8 I got in trade a while back. Got gauge with that too! So, I'm not sure which I'd like to start. The Bomber is simple (relatively) and I've seen a few cute ones floating around the web. Mariah is, well, Mariah - I've been wanting to do it since I first saw it on Knitty. Any votes one way or the other? I do have that bag of Cork that I plan to use for one of the cabled Rebecca patterns, but it seems too much like winter knitting to start right now. I'll save it for fall. The sad thing is, I really would like to start a pair of socks! I have no sock yarn in the stash execpt for the superwash. I may have to hunt down another pattern to use it for that I can start. Having no projects is hard work!