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Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowed In!

We didn't get quite as much as the weather people predicted, but we did end up with about 17" total from the storm Friday and Sunday. It was all light, fluffy snow, so it made for wonderful snowblowing and playing in.

This was after Sunday's snowfall. The snowblower died about 1/3 into removal of Friday's snow - Naomi and I ended up shoveling the rest of the driveway. It took a couple of hours and we were exhausted! Luckily it was just a faulty spark plug and we ventured out and got a replacement on Sunday.
Boys In the Snow
Otis on the Attack
The boys had a great time. We had to drag them inside - they would have stayed out there all day playing and running in the snow.
Snowy Ace
Ace especially - it seems like he is immune to the cold.
Snowy Woods
The woods were beautiful. The snow stuck to all the branches and made it very quiet and serene. It is a brutally cold day today - temps only in the low teens and winds up to 40 mph. Not fun. All the snow we had blown off the driveway was back on it this morning! Looks like I have a project for when I get home from work!

Being that we were pretty much snowed in this weekend, we made a TON of cookies for gifts, and I got a bunch of knitting done! More on that tomorrow......