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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Now with Knitting!

Believe it or not, knitting has been happening at a pretty good clip around here lately. It helped to have some motivation on Sunday when my sister and I trucked down to Sarah's and had a fun craft day. Her sister Jeanine got to do her talent as well - check it out!

New Hair
Both Naomi and I were pretty sick of our hair - it was long and for me, just getting really annoying! I had Jeanine chop it off and give it a nice new winter color. Both ponytails are getting donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths which is the same type of organization as Locks of Love, they just require only an 8 inch long ponytail, not 10. Hopefully my ponytail can make someone happy somewhere! I love my new cut - very easy and it feels about ten pounds lighter. She nailed the color - perfection! Thanks again Jeanine!

Like I said - there was some knitting going on also. I had finished the first mitten back in July, and with the cold weather here, I really needed to get cracking on the second one. I'm always amazed how fast these go - the rows of colorwork just seem to fly by!
Mitt 2 In Progress
This is after about 3 days of sporadicly working on it. I'm hoping to finish it very soon so I can wear them! They fit absolutely perfect. Colorwork is definitely my thing. My hands, even after all this time, just naturally fell into the rhythm and were pumping out the stitches.

I also cast on a new project - socks!
Hubby Sock #1 First Repeat
Get out the sunglasses - these are going to be bright! The pattern - Boyfriend Socks - I'll just rename them the Husband Socks....yep - these will be for hubby. He really loves all the socks I have knit him, he wears them constantly, and that makes me very happy. I have yet to make him any socks with cables, so these will be his first cable socks. He is working away in Atlanta for the winter (wave, wave - Hi sweetie!), so I am missing him terribly. I can't wait for Spring......

The pattern is pretty simple - the repeats are easy to memorize and I'm liking how the yarn is knitting up so far. No pooling and the color is just spectacular!

There may not be another post this week as Tucker, Ace and I are off to the Bay Colony Dog Show in Boston early, early Thursday morning for the weekend. Four days of doggie fun! I'll be taking plenty of pictures and video though.....