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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Happy

Finally! Some knitting progress to show!! The Noro stripey socks have reached the halfway point.

Stripey Knee Sock #1
So far so good. This comes up to about 1" below the back of my knee. I have not done the ribbing yet as I'd like to see how much yarn I have left after it's mate is knit. I think I have enough yarn for a few inches of ribbing, but if not, I'd like to make both ribbings match in a contrasting yarn. The skein had a bit more purple in it than I had planned. I actually took out one entire repeat of purple as both balls came to purple at the same time. When purples collide!

The garden has really been blooming lately. Things are ripening at a blistering pace. Last night, I finally picked my cauliflower. I can't believe I grew it!
It's good sized too - bigger than a normal grocery store head. The three little tomatoes came off a plant that I had given up for dead. When I checked on it last night, it still looked pretty pitiful - only a few leaves at the top and a bit "floppy". But, these beautiful tomatoes were hanging off their vine! There are also some new baby tomatoes forming as well. I'm not sure how this plant is doing it, but obviously it is a fighter!

The tomatoes on my other plants are just getting bigger and bigger. All of these I grew from seed. Cherry and pear tomato seeds. Yeah right. Something got mixed up somewhere.
Giant Tomato
This plant is covered with tomatoes all this size or larger. I have another out in the garden that has pretty much taken over and is ginormous. It too is covered with huge tomatoes. So much for minis this year!

The brussel sprouts are also doing well. These are in the container with the above tomatoes, but I have another few 'sprout plants down in the garden and they are a bit further along. I have read they taste better and not to harvest them until after a frost, so they still have a while to go.
Brussels growing
I'm actually thinking I may not need the CSA next year! The containers have worked out much better than I ever could have imagined, and I can fit a few more on the deck and even a few on the stairs leading down to the yard. After seeing how well everything is doing, I'm already formulating my seed list for next year!

We did pick up our CSA delivery on Tuesday and it was huge.
CSA 8-26-08
I'm thrilled we got more blueberries, and the corn is super sweet. I still have some stuff from last week that I need to eat, so I'm glad that everything seems to last a week or two (maybe because it is picked the day we get it and is local).

With the long weekend coming up, Tucker and I are off to our traditional three day Labor Day weekend trial in Granby, Massachusetts. We've been doing it every year since I started agility, and it is pretty much my favorite trial site. It has huge fields for playing frisbee or ball, and hiking trails with ponds for swimming. I'm hoping that being at home this weekend will bode better for our success at the trial!