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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mini Vacation

Tucker, Ace and I headed West to New York state (Chenango Forks to be exact) for a three day agility trial. The weather was spectacular, and the accommodations, provided by my friend Tracey, were amazing.

Ace in the Gate
She has a few hundred acres with many spring fed ponds. Needless to say, we did lots of hiking! The bugs were minimal, and no ticks to be found.
What a View
She has all sorts of trails all over her property. There are lots of corn and hay fields also that dot the landscape. It was beautiful.

After a long hike, it was great to be able to let the dogs swim to cool off.
The Pond
Ace is still not a very graceful swimmer. He needs to learn to use his back legs to swim - right now he is just using his front and it makes for lots of splashing.
Ace Trying to Swim4
The other dogs don't like it too much either. He comes near and almost drowns them with his flailing paws!

We used corn from the nearby cornfield for fetch toys, being that we forgot to bring any on our hike. They worked just fine.
Tucker with Corn
Ace with Corn
Ace wouldn't swim all the way out to get the corn, but he created a stealthy style and grabbed it from incoming dogs.
Ace steals corn from Zeke
After we were done, Tucker settled in for a little snack.
Tucker eating corn
It was such a fun weekend. Tucker and Ace were exhausted from all the swimming, agility and hiking, so they slept like rocks on the 4 hour drive home. I crashed when we got back. All that outside air is just wonderful!

I didn't get much if any knitting done, but I hope to have pictures of a finished stripey sock this week!
Ace all Wet