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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Spinning Sister

With my knitting progressing at a snail's pace, and my true knitting mojo yet to return, I figured I'd showcase Naomi's spinning. She has really come a long way, and learned quite a bit. Her little wheel, bought a few years back from a friend of mine's mother for a song, has no brand name but is quite a workhorse.

This year, at Maryland Sheep and Wool, she actually bought some roving. Beautiful, light blue Merino. She finished spinning up the 8 ounce bag the other night.

Merino Singles
It's so squishy soft. She is making it into a two ply and I can't wait to knit something for her with it! Something next to skin for sure. It is too soft to use for just anything.
Merino Singles

We also picked up our CSA shipment yesterday. It seems like when we hit late summer and early fall, the deliveries get huge. Yesterday was no exception. My refrigerator is now bursting!
CSA 9-2-08

So as not to post without a cute puppy picture, here is Ace sporting his new goggles. He's ready to swim now!