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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Fiber Filled Weekend

This past weekend could not have contained much more yarn and fiber if it tried. On Saturday, Sarah and Jody picked up my sister and I for a trip to none other than Webs. Jody had never been, so we were more than glad to take her for the first time. The store itself is huge - one of the biggest yarn stores I have really ever seen. After mulling around in there for a bit, we finally went out back to the real shock value that Webs is.

Naomi and Jody at WEBS
The warehouse!! There are probably 10 or so isles just like this one. Boxes and boxes filled with yarn. Shelves upon shelves of more yarn. All discounted. Many pretty inexpensive! I did walk away with a couple of things, but that's for another post.

After recovering and paying for all our purchases at Webs, we headed home and prepared for Sunday. Dye day.

Everyone gathered at Sarah's house for a full day of fiber and yarn dying. She has the perfect set up for it.
The Setup
A table with a microwave and hot plate, another table with all the dyes - just look at the pretty rainbow of colors!
Dye colors
We had plenty of room, and plenty of creativity among us. Some of the things that came out of the dyepot were truly amazing.
Sarah's sister Jeanine dyed this amazing fuchia sock yarn. It actually matched her nail polish!
Janine's Fuscha Sock Yarn
Sarah dyed up this amazing roving - I love the spots of bright color.
Closeup of Sarah's Speckeled Roving
Jody dyed this roving - it reminded us all of Koigu. It was the winner of the day.
Jody's Koigu Roving
My sister Naomi dyed some fabulous purple roving.
Purple Roving
As well as some in a great gunmetal grey/blue color.
Gunmetal Roving
It was just crazy. The amount of yarn and fiber that went into the dyepots was mind boggling when we put it all together at the end of the day.
A full days work
We went home exhausted, happy and covered in dye. The perfect end to a great weekend.