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Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Beginnings

With Phyllo off the needles, and a trip to Webs under my belt, and a vacation rapidly approaching, it was only right to cast on a few new things.

The one thing I wanted at Webs was a skein of the Noro Sock yarn. I had been browsing both Flickr and Ravelry to see what the colors knit up like. I finally decided on color 185. I'm hoping with 462 yards in the skein, I have enough for knee highs. I can get a pair out of a skein of Cherry Tree Hill, which has 420, so I'm hopeful. Just in case, I'm knitting them toe up. I'm also knitting from each end of the skein for those always amazing Noro stripes. (thanks to my sister Naomi for making her awesome center pull balls for me!)

Stripey Socks
The color is kind of off on this picture - the green towards the toe is really a nice lime green. I'm happy with the striping so far and I am just about to the heel.

The other yarn I picked up at Webs was a bag of their Northampton yarn. It's very Cascade 220 like - same gauge, same feel (almost a bit softer) and a huge range of colors. It is less expensive though. $5 a ball for 247 yards!
Valley Yarns Northampton
This will eventually turn into the Brick Pullover from the Summer 2008 Interweave. Hubby liked it when I first showed it to him when I got the magazine, and I think this yarn will work very nicely for it. I do have to do some re-calculating though - the gauge is a bit different. The pattern calls for 6 sts/4" and I am getting about 5.25 sts/". Using my gauge, I figured out the cast on number based on the chest measurement I want. That number, luckily, is within one stitch of the medium sized pullover. That means I can just cast on and use that size pattern at my bigger gauge - does that sound right? (it's still early and I have yet to have coffee!)

Now, I will have two new projects to take with me on vacation today! The best part, is look what I can transport my projects in!
New Bags!!
Sarah made me THREE amazing box bags! They are already loaded with stuff. One for my sock and one for the sweater. They are the perfect size, and I love the fabrics!!! Thank you Sarah!!!! She is the box bag queen!

So, we leave this afternoon for Baltimore to stay with my cousins. Tomorrow is shopping and packing day, then Saturday we leave for our annual trip to the Outer Banks!! This will be our fifth year going, and it just gets better and better. We drive to Baltimore first to break up the very, very long trip for us. Plus, it lets us figure out what everyone else is bringing so we can coordinate food, etc. It's always an adventure!

I will have internet access on vacation, so you may get a post, but don't count on it! Have a wonderful week!!!!!