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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summertime

It was blazing hot again this past weekend. There was only one place to be.

Summer Fun
Lucky for me, my folks have a great pool and backyard to cool off in. The water was still a bit chilly for me for swimming, but it felt great just to sit at the edge and dunk my feet. Some, however, found the water just right for a dip.
Simon Swimming
That is Simon, my cousin's 14 year old Golden Retriever. He spent much of the weekend either swimming or just hanging out by the stairs soaking in the cool water.
Simon Wet
We tried to get Ace and Tucker in, but they seem to prefer water where they can't see the bottom (like lakes, ponds or the ocean). Hopefully eventually we can get them swimming in the pool.

Knitting on the Spring Forward socks continues. I'm at the gusset of sock #1 and working on it at lunch every day. I am knitting!!