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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Fridge Runneth Over

We got our first CSA delivery this week. All organic, grown locally. A great resource to find one, or any type of local produce and products is Local Harvest - just punch in your zip code and all your local options appear!

Lots of goodies this week including strawberries. There is just something about fresh, local strawberries. The flavor is unlike anything you can get in a store! They are intense!

CSA 6-24-08
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To supplement the CSA, I planted bunches of other veggies in the garden that we didn't really get last year. Despite the less than ideal amount of sun per day, the tomatoes seem to be doing well.
Big Orange Tomato
Roma Tomato
The second picture is of the Roma tomatoes. One of my favorite kinds. I'm hopeful we will be overrun with giant red orbs soon!

The hanging plants also seem to be enjoying their upside down growing. Both the pepper and tomato (I grew this one from seed so it's a bit behind the others) are getting big and ready to flower soon.
Hanging Veggies

Believe it or not, I have also been knitting! The Phyllo Yoked pullover is now ready to start the lace section. Doing only four rounds of stockinette seemed quick and easy, but with 300+ stitches per round, it goes mighty slow. Plus, I have not had much quality time with the couch lately. Between the garden, training Ace and the new favorite nighttime activity I have hardly sat down at night. The sock, however, has seen some nice progress due to lunch hour knitting.
Spring Forward Leg
I really love how this is knitting up. A very nice texture and the wavy pattern is great! With only a few yarn overs per repeat, it is not overly lacey either. The yarn is wonderful stuff. A wool/bamboo/nylon blend, it can be a tad splitty, but it is worth it. The color is beautiful and I love just looking at it when I knit.

Tucker, Ace and I are off to New York this weekend. It should be fun - Ace will get to meet his Aunt Misty (his dad Razz's sister) and cousin Knight (Misty's son). Knight is also the son of Ravin the red dog I trained a year or so ago. It will be like a family reunion!