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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gray Days

It's been a strange week. It started out blazingly hot and extremely humid. The temperatures have now cooled down a bit, but it has been raining for the past few days. Nice for the garden, no so nice for everything else. I'm expecting the grass to grow about ten feet and the garden to explode the minute the sun comes out. We've been getting some great thunderstorms too - those really seem to make everything grow faster too. Luckily, none of the dogs have issues with thunderstorms. They all sleep through them.

Week five of the CSA delivered some great things.

CSA 7-22-08
I'm really excited about the corn. Picked fresh that day, I have an ear with me for lunch today. Also some of the yellow beans. I admit I've never tried them before - I've always had just plain green beans. The zucchini is humongous! I think I can probably get three zucchini breads out of it! (I know what I'm doing this weekend!)

My knitting has progressed also, but it looks pretty much the same. I'm accomplishing about 4 rounds a night on the Phyllo pullover. Halfway through the chart now. Slowly but surely! The mitten is also just about done. One or maybe two lunch sessions should finish it up. So, no new pictures of those. I do have some yarny pictures though.
Alpaca Skein
My sister's handspun! She bought this alpaca a few years back at the Maryland festival. It was pretty inexpensive as the staple was pretty short and it wasn't labeled as the best for handspinning. She did it though and managed to spin up quite a few singles on bobbins. She just started plying it last week and it looks wonderful!
Alpaca Skein
Now we just need to figure out what to make with it. She hasn't finished plying yet, and this skein is barely a dent in the singles she has. This skein alone has about 200 yards!

What would a post be without some doggie shots. Ace's new favorite thing is frisbee. He's getting really good at catching.
Ace Frisbee
Ace catching Frisbee
Ace with Frisbee