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Friday, July 18, 2008

A Bit of This and That

It has been hot as blazes around here lately - not good for knitting progress. But, I have been plugging away at my two projects.

My lunchtime/work project are the colorwork mittens. I am thoroughly enjoying knitting them and look forward to lunchtime when I venture up and out of my hole of an office (literally - I work two floors underground in a hospital!) and out into the warm sunshine. Colorwork for me is almost like "normal" knitting. It feels completely comfortable and easy.

Mitt #1 to thumb
I'm rapidly approaching the decreases for the top. Since there was no palm pattern with these mittens, so I'm just doing the same graphic pattern on the top and the palm. It's a pretty rhythmic pattern to knit, so when I do knit on it, it does go pretty fast. I slipped them on yesterday and they look like they are going to fit perfectly.

My at home larger project is the Phyllo pullover. The rounds are long, but I know decreases are in sight. I'm just glad I can finally knit a pattern rather than plain stockinette!
Phyllo Yoke Start
With the 11 stitch repeat all the way around, it also makes for a nice rhythmic knit. The repeats are very easy to memorize, so I really only have to look at the chart once every other round (every other round is plain knit).

So, little by little things are getting done. I don't have full blown knitting mojo back yet, but I am enjoying the knitting I am working on. With vacation coming up in August, I'm looking forward to picking out some socks and a book or two to bring with me!