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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Bit O'The Green

Actually, a lot of green! CSA delivery #2!

CSA 7-8-08
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Tons of green goodies this week. A HUGE bunch of basil (we used some last night), more lettuce and some great scallions. Rumor is, next week carrots and blueberries!

With all the zucchini and summer squash we've been getting, I've been trying to look for some new ways to use it. This week, we made grilled vegetable soft tacos. They were pretty tasty!
Grilled Veggie soft tacos
A bit of shredded cheddar along with Portobello mushrooms and some grilled red onions - I could eat pounds of squash! The grilling really brings out the flavor. I also tossed them in olive oil and tons of fresh cilantro before grilling.

The garden is really taking off. Pretty much everything has flowers on it!
Garden 7-9-08
Everything from Brussel Sprouts to Snap Peas. I planted a few new things this year - cauliflower and brussel sprouts! They are doing really well.
Cauliflower and Brussel sprout
The broccoli too, has really taken off.
Seems like the thunderstorms we've had over the past few nights have really helped! My biggest surprise though, is all the container gardens on the deck.
Pot o'veggies
I have three pots like this, brimming full of plants with tons of flowers on them. Tomatoes, peppers, herbs and even more brussel sprouts inhabit them. I wasn't sure if they'd like being packed in there like that, but they seem to enjoy the company!

My biggest triumph, however, is this little guy.
First pepper!
A pepper! I grew this plant from seed. Of all the pepper plants I have, this one in the upside down soda bottle is doing the best. Biggest leaves, most flowers and it has three more teeny tiny peppers forming already. Next year, everyone is going in soda bottles! For some reason I have never been able to get a pepper to bear fruit for me before. I was skeptical this year also. But, I took a chance on the soda bottle thing and it's working like a charm! I'm not sure if is the insulative properties of it - making a mini-greenhouse for the plant, or what, but it is doing much better and is much bigger than the pepper plants from the same batch planted in a pot right next to the hanging bottles. Eventually these should be red sweet peppers. I can't wait!

Like I said - I have actually been knitting. I took the mitten out of hibernation and began the colorwork portion. I'm really liking it!
Mitt 1
The colors are nice together, and provide a great subtle contrast. Both yarns (Cherry Tree Hill and Tess) are great to work with, per usual for them. I do love my colorwork!