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Monday, July 14, 2008


Summer in food form. Nothing like strawberries and blueberries just picked. Right off the bush even! My sister and I headed out Saturday morning for a berry picking excursion. We were planning on blueberries, but imagine our surprise when they still had strawberries! Thirteen pounds of blueberries ended up in our flat in no time. Many of the bushes had tons of unripe berries on them. It is just the beginning of blueberry season here, we often can pick well into August. The strawberries were a bit harder to find, but plentiful none the less. We managed about nine pounds worth.
Bunches of Berries
There is just nothing like them. I got home Saturday afternoon and picked some rhubarb from the garden and made a Strawberry Rhubarb cobbler.
Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler
The filling and cobbler topping were yummy. Unfortunately, the rhubarb was a bit tough. I'm not quite sure why - maybe it had been on the plant too long? This is my first year with a rhubarb, so any veteran rhubarb owners (Kristi??) chime in....

After munching all night on berries, on Sunday we headed to Sarah's for a crafty day. It was beautiful out and living in Rhode Island, she had a nice breeze going all day. We spent the day in the backyard knitting and spinning.
Nomi Spinning
Naomi got to try out Sarah's wheel - a Schacht Matchless (Sarah - notice the one in this picture has the knob on the same side as yours?). She also tried out Sarah's sister's wheel - an Ashford Joy. It was neat to see her spin on different wheels, and I'm sure she really enjoyed getting to try them out. We also managed to get in some good ball time with Sarah's super great Aussie, Murph. Sarah put out quite the spread and we all enjoyed ourselves knitting, spinning, eating and soaking in the sun (some of us a little too much!)

I worked a bunch on the Phyllo Yoked pullover and after a momentary brain melt down, I am about a quarter of the way through the 57 round chart. It's nice to be doing a pattern than endless stockinette!

More CSA goodies come tomorrow, so a post on that and some more knitting soon!