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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


June 1st marked the third year of this here little blog. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by.

Looking back, I realize how much has changed since I started. My knitting skills have increased tremendously. Pretty much everything I have learned, I learned from the internet. Helpful people answering questions and making suggestions. It all shaped me into the knitter I am today! I gained the confidence to tackle stranded socks, and the knowledge to shape sweaters to fit me, not just follow the pattern blindly (though sometimes that is just what I need!). My winter wardrobe has increased quite a bit these past years. I've also enjoyed knitting for my friends and family. Hubby especially enjoys all the socks I have knit him. I look forward to knitting many more pairs for him!

Friends are something I never really thought about when I started the blog. Then I began commenting on other people's blogs I liked. People that shared maybe my style, or shared common interests other than knitting. I never would have thought that some of those people would turn out to be wonderful, amazing "real life" friends! I couldn't be more happy to have discovered all the fantastic and brilliant knitting minds out there – and, it turns out they are great people too!

I thank all you bloggers out there for enriching my life in little bits and pieces every day. Reading your blogs, seeing glimpses of your “other” life as well as your knitting and crafting projects all fuel my creativity. It is one amazing community!

Everyone who reads – thank you. I know the posts have been a bit sparse lately, but I’m hoping to resolve that soon. I do read and reply to every comment left here, and genuinely appreciate the time you take to visit! So, enough with this mushy stuff, THANK YOU!