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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Belated Birthday

Well, I didn't finish it nearly as fast as I thought, and not on my birthday, but never the less it's done and I really love it!

Many Faces of the Birthday Cowl
Pattern: Birthday Cowl by Nova
Yarn: Classic Elite Princess - about 2 yards over one skein's worth
Needles: #8 Circulars
Mods: Made it about 8" long before starting the garter stitch border as I don't like a lot of bunching around my neck.

What a great stashbusting project! I can see how these cowl things are taking over the knitblog world!
Folded Cowl
I love the texture the pattern creates. Only issue - the decrease used. It is a sl 1, k1, psso. Mine always look loose and messy. Never consistent. Any tips?

I can see myself knitting lots of cowls. They are perfect travel knitting when I am at the dog shows, it will use up my single balls of stash, and will make great gifts. A great deal all around!

You are probably getting sick of hearing about it, but yet another congrats to Ace's mom Deuce. She not only won Best in Show on Friday in New Jersey, but won the "Best of the Best" on Monday! They took the Best in Show winners from all four days of the show and put them up against each other. She came out on top! Her collection of huge, sparkly ribbons is growing quickly!

Here is a great shot of Ace's dad at the trial. He is pretty funny - he barks at every change of direction on course.
Razz Scream