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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Everything is growing but my knitting........

There has been little knitting around these parts lately - the lack of posting probably tipped you off. Agility trials, gardening and just wanting to be outside during the short New England spring has pushed my needles to the back burner for now. The recent heat wave had me thinking even less about knitting. When I got into my car after work on Tuesday, the heat was staring right back at me.

6-10-08 Temp
Not pretty. The humidity didn't help much either. If I lived in the desert, or somewhere you expect these kind of temperatures, not a big deal. But the average temperature for this time of the year around here is mid to upper 70's. Centennial temperatures are a huge departure. But it is New England - anything can happen. Luckily we got a huge thunderstorm to blow through and bring us some relief.

The garden, however, loved the heat. Things started springing up like crazy!
Container Plants
I decided to to my peppers and some tomatoes in containers on the deck this year to see how it goes. They seem to like it so far! My other exciting crop?
Brussel Sprout
Brussel sprouts! A recently discovered love, I was really excited when I saw seedlings at the local garden shop. I also planted two more in the garden in the yard. I'm hoping a few will produce some yummy little mini cabbages!

Another experiment was growing hanging veggies. My garden space is limited - there aren't many places that get full sun all day. I also didn't want to clog the entire deck with pots. Enter hanging veggies!
Hanging Tomato
I did both a tomato and a pepper plant like this. Essentially, it's an upside down two liter soda bottle with the bottom cut off. The seedling is shoved gently through the bottle opening and grows that way! Pretty neat! They look pretty happy too!

I also planted cauliflower, broccoli, string beans, snap peas and more tomatoes and peppers in the garden. I tried to plant things that our CSA was lacking in last year. Hopefully in a few months I will have a bountiful harvest!

Doggie activities have also been going strong. Ace has continued with the herding and still really loves it.
Ace splits the herd
Tucker and I are at agility trials every weekend and having lots of fun hanging out with our doggie pals.

As for knitting, it has been happening intermittently for short bursts. I am about 5 rows away from finishing the front of the Phyllo Yoked Pullover. Just writing that makes me realize how close I am!

I've also been starting to build some of my own agility equipment so I can do more training at home with both Ace and Tucker. More details on that soon!

Thanks to those of you who are still reading!