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Friday, April 04, 2008

Bubbling Away

Today is cold. And wet. One of those days you call "raw". The mercury has climbed to a paltry 37 degrees and it's not supposed to get much higher. The rain continues and even is mixing with some (sigh) snow. When will it ever stop?!? I go home and look at my seeds and dream of spring. I know it has to come. I guess it's just a question of when.

Cold, wet weather always leads me to baking. I knew the weather was going to be less than ideal this weekend, so I actually planned ahead. Sourdough bread has always been a great love of mine. That tang, the "breadiness" of it - nothing can compare. My dad is also a huge sourdough lover, so I have a real desire to find a way to make some great homemade sourdough. The starter is the tricky part. Often times people use starters that have aged for years (yes, YEARS!), but I'm not lucky enough to have any friends that have a vat of starter to share. I was looking for a quicker and almost as tasty way of doing it. The King Arthur Flour Cookbook had a simple, quick recipe for a starter that would be ready in a few days.

sourdough starter
It's looking good and by last night, it's starting to smell a bit sour. Three day starter I know won't compare flavor wise to the more aged ones, but I'm hoping for that trademark sour taste in the bread. Time will tell!

I did get to work a little on the Phyllo pullover this week inbetween secret sock knitting. The inches and inches of stockinette are getting done little by little. I figure if I do even a few rows each day, it has to get done eventually!
Phyllo back
I do love the brown color. Perfect for the current new installment of Project Spectrum - the Earth element.