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Saturday, March 01, 2008


Hubby makes a great sock model! Look at those sexy legs!!!

sigrid side
sigrid back
sigrid toes
Pattern: Sigrid by the ever talented Kirsten
Yarn: Scouts Swag in Hunker Down (purple) and Sage (green). I have quite a bit of yarn leftover! The skeins were huge!
Modifications: I knit the largest size for hubby and they fit perfect. My row gauge must have changed from the first to the second sock though - the second one is a bit higher than the first! I did swap out the main color for the toes and cuff. I also knit ribbing rather than the folded cuff. Originally when I did the first sock as a test knit I did do the folded cuff, but it didn't seem to stay up too well, so I cut it off (yikes!) and did 20 rounds of 2x2 rib instead.

Another pair of colorwork socks to add to the collection!