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Friday, February 29, 2008

On the Cusp

I apologize in advance for a pictureless post. Time got away from me last night and before I knew it, the evening was gone and I was asleep.

Two projects teeter on the edge of FO status. It will be a very exciting weekend full of photo shoots. I just hope it warms up. The thermometer in my car read zero as I drove to work this morning. That and the six or so inches of snow predicted should make for a nice housebound few days.

With all my needles being only hours away from nakedness, what could I do but plan out a new project to start! It had to be something small - I have some sample knitting in April that will be my singular focus. So, after giving my sister many a book and web page to meander, and cruising the stash, I have cast on for the NHM #7 mitten (Ravelry link) from Selbuvotter. Finally, mittens on the needles! For the main color I am using some hand dyed Henrys Attic Kona in a nice rich eggplant color. For contrast, some leftover Louet Gems Opal in a pretty pink that I used to make these socks. My first colorwork mittens. I can't wait!