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Monday, March 31, 2008

If I Try Hard Enough

Believe it or not, we got another dusting of snow this weekend. I was going to take a picture, but I really don't want it as a "lasting memory". Tomorrow is April! Where is Spring? We managed to get some nice sunny weather yesterday. It still isn't warm by any stretch (I think we managed the low 40's) but the sun did help get me in a bit warmer mood.

Nothing can go into the ground around here until Memorial Day weekend. That is the traditional planting day. So, the beginning of April is just enough time to get the seeds started and give them a good 8 weeks to grow before transplanting. I had a long list of what I'd like to get into the garden this year. I've already raked and turned over the soil to get rid of last years non-planned growth. There was over 2 wheelbarrows full of weeds and grass! With a nice covering of a weed prevention fabric, the soil should stay empty until I'm ready to plant.

After doing the CSA last year, I have a good feel for what veggies we got plenty of (lettuce, chard, zucchini) and what we would have liked more of (tomatoes, herbs, peppers). So, to supplement the CSA, I started my tomatoes this weekend. After reading a great tip, I started them in cardboard egg cartons - that way I can just plant the whole thing when the time comes!

Starting seeds
Seeds Planted

Some of the tomatoes I plan on transplanting into containers and leave on the deck. The one time I planted tomatoes in the garden they took over! I love all the different varieties of tomatoes, so I planted a few different ones. A colorful heirloom mix, some balcony hybrid cherry tomatoes, and some yellow and red pear tomatoes. That should keep us happy all summer! I still have to get seeds for peppers. That is my project for this week so I can plant them this weekend!