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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Now You See It!

After rescuing the camera cable, I got down to business and downloaded my newest Sigrid progress shots. It's coming along fast.

Sigrid leg and foot
Sigrid Top
Sigrid Sole and Flap

I love the chevron pattern down the foot, and the striping on both the heel flap and sole. Even for such a big sock, it's working up quickly. At this point, I don't need to look at a chart or anything. It's just plain knitting. (well, with two colors) I still need to have hubby try it on for a fitting (hopefully tonight) and re-measure where I want to start the toe. This colorwork sock has less give than the ribbed ones I have made him in the past.

I can't say enough good about this yarn! Yummy stuff! It's Scouts's Swag 100% Merino Superwash and it's knitting up like a dream. The twist is super tight and you can see how beautiful the colors are. It's maybe a touch thinner than my favorite, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock (the solids), but my gauge at 9.5 sts per inch is making a nice dense fabric that isn't too stiff. This sock should be done this week (maybe in the next day!) as I want to get my feedback to Kirsten ASAP so she can get this beautiful and fun pattern out to all of you!

With my world outside pretty void of color right now (except grey and brown) it is a perfect time to start a new year of crafty color!
Project Spectrum 3
PS3 began on February 1st. This year, Lolly has brilliantly come up with the theme of "Elements" for the color sceme. The first installment is Fire. I have to say, most of my favorite colors are contained here! Oranges, Yellows, Reds - love them all!

Because of that, I actually have a bit of stash for this first theme.
Project Spectrum Fire Stash
Plenty of sock yarn! What I am thinking though is maybe mittens or fingerless mitts. Branch out a little. There are several mitten pattern books on the bookshelf and have never knit anything out of them. I think it's time to change that!