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Friday, February 08, 2008

Join the Liberation

A while back, when I knit a certain single sock it was kind of an eye opening experience. Knit only one sock, the move on. No second sock to knit - not right away anyway. What a concept. Taking a break between socks. Evidently, there is a
whole group dedicated to this concept. I had never done that before. My methodical and analytical mind rarely takes things out of order or out of context. Sock one complete, must start and complete sock two. That is the way I had always done it. Now, however I am faced with a bit of a conundrum. (the photos are a little dark and the pattern doesn't show up as well as it does in daylight - something I rarely see these days)

Sigrid #1
Sigrid Foot
The first Sigrid is complete. What a fun knit. The yarn, the pattern - it all came together perfectly. Hubby tried them on last night and they fit perfectly. Kirsten's pattern was wonderfully detailed and thought out. Check her blog later today or tomorrow. I have it on good authority the pattern will be available soon!! The stripes. I just can't get enough. Just look.
Sigrid heel/sole
I think it's my favorite part. The way she instructs to do the heel flap and takes care of the edge stitches is brilliant. I will never do a colorwork heel the same way again! (I'm not sure if I totally missed the boat and it's the standard way to do a colorwork heel flap, but either way I love it and it will be the way I do them from now on!) The picked up edge is neat and clean, the one issue and icky point of my other colorwork socks.

My dilemma lies with starting the second one. Do I do it right away and get going, or do I work on a mitten or fingerless glove first? I'm very (very) tempted to start a new project. My needles have been itching to do some colorwork mittens or fingerless gloves for a while now. What to do, what to do. Do I convert over to the dark side and start something new and put the second sock on hold?