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Friday, February 22, 2008

More White on the Way

With the flakes already flying (since about 5 this morning!) and another 10" of snow expected, my travel plans for this weekend have been severely hindered. I am supposed to fly down to Baltimore this afternoon to catch up with my sister and cousins, and have a fun breakfast with some very missed friends. I'm watching as flight after flight is canceled. We'll see how it effects the rest of the day. My flight isn't until 7 tonight, but the backup from this mornings mess will I'm sure make anything tonight total chaos.

Knitting on the Milk Wrap Cardi progresses. I sat down and picked up all those stitches around the neckline. I didn't bother to count. It would have been depressing. But, I persevered and got the trim done.

Milk Wrap with Garter Edging
Milk Wrap with Garter Edging
I actually like the edging - it's simple and nice and stretchy. The sweater lays a lot flatter now also. You can see in the picture the waist shaping I added. With the 15% shrinkage on length, I hope it ends up in the right place. It feels like kind of a crap shoot! You can see in the picture I started the first sleeve. It's coming along quick and with the decreases it makes feel like it's going really fast! With the Denim People book as my reference, I'm combining the sleeves from there as well as the original pattern to try to get the decreases in the right place. Unfortunately, the Rowan book doesn't give lengths, just row numbers. The schematics given are post washing, so that does me no good either! So, I used the row gauge and calculated from there. A little extra work, but hopefully it will pay off! Sleeve #1 is about 2/3 of the way done.

Sigrid #2 is also making progress. At this point I'm about halfway down the heel. The two handed purling is slowing me down a bit. It's something I really need more practice on! It is going with me (if I go!) to Baltimore and will be plane knitting if I ever manage to get on the flight!