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Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun, Family and Friends

I managed to make it out of Massachusetts on Friday during the storm. Hubby was super sweet and drove me to the airport on the messy roads. The only airline flying out (lucky for me) was Southwest. I not only made it to Baltimore, but my flight was only about 10 minutes late! I have to say, I was quite impressed.

Saturday was spent with family - I love hanging out with my cousins, and do so every chance I can get. We are all really close. M just turned 5 in February and for his birthday, all he asked for were gift cards to Toys R Us. He used them all to buy this.

The iCoaster. Is it me, or does it seem like everything these days has an "i" in front of it? The thing is pretty cool though. The little ball that goes around the track is magnetic, and it has a little elevator it goes up and a trampoline it bounces off of. The gates the ball goes thorough even light up. The picture only shows about half the set up. It also plays funky beat box type music as it goes. The "i" part I guess comes in because you can plug your iPod into it and play music from there instead. We played with this for quite a while.

While M was busy with the iCoaster, my other little cousin, S who is 6, kept herself busy.
Naomi the White Tiger
My sister is such a good sport. I avoided the face painting and opted to take pictures instead. S got her face painted as a skunk, and she then painted my sister into the rare and noble white tiger. Luckily they were water soluble paints and came off pretty easily.

Sunday morning I met up with my surrogate knitting group - I missed you girls!
Maryland Girls

Lolly, me, Jolene and baby Joe, Jody and Colleen. We had a great time just hanging out, drinking coffee and tea and catching up. It had been way too long!

Sunday afternoon before Naomi and I headed back home, we went bowling. Dave and Busters over at Arundel Mills Mall was a pretty darn neat place to bowl.
Dave and Busters Bowling at Arundel Mills
Between the huge TV's and the glowing balls, they had comfy booths to sit in and automated scoring. Guess the lanes around me are still in the dark ages!

The drive home was quick and uneventful. I did get some knitting done on both my Sigrid sock and the Merletto mitt. The end of both projects is near!