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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Little Celebration

Terri and Deuce arrived home safe and sound to tons of congratulatory emails and visitors. On Saturday, we had a little celebration for their huge accomplishment.

Deuce Cake
Deuce Cake
Deuce got a nice sized piece and was enjoying all the attention being lavished on her. Like a true show dog, she was basking in the glow.

While I ended up at the kennel most of the long weekend, I did manage to make some knitting progress. The Milk Wrap cardi is miles of stockinette, made even a bit worse by having to add 15% to the length to allow for shrinkage.
Milk Cardi Body Done
I'm using Naturelle 8/8, which is much like Rowan Denim, and even on #8 needles, it seemed like forever until I was ready to do the border. At first, I wasn't thrilled with the garter stitch border. So, I whipped out my crochet hook and did a few rows of single crochet.
Milk Cardi Crochet Border
I really liked how it looked, but not how inelastic and stiff it was. Ripping commenced. In the end, I gave in and did the garter stitch edging. It isn't so bad now that I see it done, but since I didn't do the integrated border as I knit along the neckline (stupid, stupid!!) I have to pick up stitches and knit out. Oh well. Lesson learned.