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Monday, February 11, 2008

We interrupt knitting for this special announcement!

Very exciting news! I just got the call that Ace's mom Deuce just won the breed at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! Australian Shepherds were on bright and early at 8am. If you remember, I made the trip down to New York last year, and she unfortunately didn't win. I guess motherhood and a little time off agreed with her! She not only beat the dog that won last year, but beat the #1 dog in the country! Be sure to watch tonight at 8pm on USA network and cheer her on! I know Ace will be very proud to see his mom on TV! You can catch all the results here

On to knitting progress. While not totally casting aside the second Sigrid sock, I had the itch to start something new. So, I picked something small and relatively fast that would use up some stash and provide me with a very useful product in the end.

Mertello Mitt
They are the Merletto Mitts by the talented Jody. The yarn is about half of a skein of leftover Tess yarn from the Turret Socks. It's a beautiful pattern - a little lace and a little cable. Working up fast too - I did the entire hand yesterday afternoon! My plan, so as not to totally abandon the second sock, is to complete this first mitt, then go back to Sigrid. Keep everyone happy.

Use a little stash, get a little stash. Look what I got in the mail!
Fleece Artist Sea Wool
Fleece Artist Sea Wool in a beautiful Peridot colorway. I won a little contest given by Lis from One Planet Yarn. How cool is that! The yarn is super soft and has a great sheen to it. The color is amazing. Kind of a greenish gray color. It will make some amazing socks!

We got another blast of snow this weekend. Yesterday was on and off snowing all day. One minute it would be blue skies and sunny, the next a white out.
021008 Snow2
It was really pretty how it stuck to the trees though. Unfortunately, with the 45 mph winds last night, it's all blown off. The boys had a great time yesterday afternoon. Luckily the cold and snow don't bother them.
Otis snowflakes

Tucker snowflakes

The Boys 02-10-08
The Boys in a rare moment of stillness yesterday