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Friday, January 25, 2008

Soaky Yokey

(how exactly would you spell "yokey"?)

I knit like a fiend yesterday. This sweater was going to be done before I went to bed. Not just done with the knitting, but ends sewn in and blocking. I only ended up loosing about an hour of sleep. Well worth it.

Yoke Soaking
A good twenty minute soak in, what else but Soak, and it was ready to block.
Yoke Pinned
This morning I put a fan on it to speed the drying. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow and perfect for a photo shoot.

Thanks for all the collar treatment suggestions. What I ended up doing was going with a garter stitch edge (8 rounds total) and an applied I cord bind off as instructed in here (one of my most referenced books, by the way!). I love how the edge turned out. So, no formal or official FO shots yet, but soon....very soon....

While I'm waiting for the sweater to dry, I'm itching to start my next knit. As of this moment I have nothing on the needles! Patiently, I'm waiting for yarn from Scout to start a test knit for Kirsten. To make it worse, Scout posted a photo last night of the yarn she just finished dying. Go check it out here. I'll wait.

Amazing huh? They will become the beautiful Sigrid sock. Purty, huh?

I'm also swatching for a wrap cardigan. The two contenders are the Pure and Simple Wrap Cardigan and the Sarah Dallas Wrap Cardigan from Scottish Highland Knits. Here is a great shot of a finished one. The yarn will be some natural colored Naturelle 8/8. It was sold by Elann eons ago, and it's super soft. I am worried about shrinkage though. I'm not sure if it will shrink like Rowan Denim, which is 100% cotton, or only just soften with washing/drying. The Naturelle is 74% Recycled Cotton/24% Acrylic with 2% unknown fibers (huh?). I'm hoping the acrylic content will buffer the shrinkage. Anyone used it? Washed it? The swatch isn't telling much.