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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So It Begins

Determined to make significant progress on the yoke sweater, I knit like a fiend at lunch yesterday. By the time my half-hour was over, I was at the point to start the colorwork.

Before I could do that, a few hours working at the kennel, and Ace's agility class took precedence. My sister came, so she shot a quick video of Ace having way too much fun in class. It's a very short video, but shows how enthusiastic he is! He is going to be one fast boy!

Once home, I had a quick dinner and pulled out the sweater. I had the yarns ready to go for the colorwork, had figured out and done the appropriate decreases (with a huge thanks to this site - great decrease calculator!) and took off knitting.
Yoke Colorwork Started
That's just a sneak peek. I'm further along now and I'm really happy with how the colors are popping against the neutral background. I plan on trying it on right after the colorwork as well to determine how much more I need to decrease for the neck. The neck edge - not quite sure what to do there. Folded hem? (seems too bulky) Seed stitch? Ribbing? Crochet edge? I'd like something to kind of match the folded hems I plan on doing on the arms and waist edges. Suggestions welcome!

The scuba glove has been frogged (thanks Nomi!). It didn't fit hubby very well and I was quite frustrated with it. They will be re-knit with another more "manly" pattern.