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Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm on a Roll in 2008!

I can't believe this, but this is my third FO of 2008. Crazy.

Yoke Sweater
Pattern: My own. Loosely based on the EZ percentage system with lots of mods thrown in. It is knit bottom up. I cast on provisionally for all the edges (cuffs and hem) to make sure I'd have enough yarn. The edges are garter stitch. I tried on as I went and literally just winged it. When it looked like I should decrease, I did. I never really increased back to the original stitch count when I got to the top of the waist, and it fits just perfect. I did four rounds of decreases for the yoke. Two before the pattern and two after. For the bind off on the cuffs and neck, I used an applied I-cord from one of my favorite reference books ever. I did a regular bind off on the waist as I wanted it a bit more stretchy. I love how the bind off blends in with the garter edging. If I was to change anything, I'd start the pattern a bit earlier. But overall, I'm really happy with it!
Yarn: Body is Kimmet Croft Softie. A super cozy wool/angora blend with a nice halo. This was my first Maryland festival purchase three years ago! The light blue is some leftover Patons Classic, and the orange is doubled Trekking. I have enough left to make a pair of socks!
Needles: #7 KnitPicks circulars
Yoke Side View
Yoke Sweater Details
I can't believe how economical of a knit this was. I originally had three skeins of the Kimmet Croft. They were 400 yds each. Easily, I have about 80% of a skein left. I'm thinking some super soft stranded mitts. The yarn is really nice. It bloomed great after the block and isn't really itchy despite the angora hairs sticking up everywhere. I wanted a close fitting sweater, which I got, but I still have room for a thin t-shirt underneath if I want. Overall, a successful self design!

After checking my Bloglines this morning, my day was made several times over. Not only did Kirsten say that I made her day, but Jillian and Margaux tagged me also!
You Make My Day
I'm so honored and really touched. It still seems weird to me how many people out there read my blog. With over 200 feeds in my Bloglines, it's hard to keep up with everyone, but wanting to return the compliment that these three wonderful bloggers paid me, I need to pick only ten to pass it on to.

So, in no particular order - here they are:
1. Kristy
2. Ann
3. Ashley
4. Denise
5. Rachel
6. Sarah
7. Jodi
8. Nova
9. Jody
10. Erin