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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

8 Crazy Nights!

First off, Boston was so much fun. Tucker did wonderful with the big crowds and all the noise (they have a big PA system and music blaring). Ace was a star. Walking around amongst all the crowds and the strange dogs - nothing phased him. I took him back into the grooming area for the breed dogs where there is tons of activity and he seemed to love it. Next year is the last year for this show. They are tearing down the Bayside Expo Center and we aren't sure where they are moving the show to. It's always fun because you get to run on grass in the middle of December.

Boston Agility Ring
Boston Agility Ring
They truck in loads of sod and dirt. What a treat! You can see the crowds in the pictures - this was around 9am. You can imagine how packed it was by the afternoon!
Zeke and Ace enjoyed watching all the people and activity. We had to cover their crate to get them to nap.
Ace and Zeke in Boston
As you can tell, it didn't work too well....Ace's half brother was showing this weekend as well (same dad as Ace, different mom). I have known him since he was a puppy, and he turned out beautiful!

All in all it was a great four days - it was a bit cold, but not the blizzard we had a few years back. It was hard going back to work and not being with my boys all day!

Hannukah started while I was at the Boston trial, but both my family and Hubby and I postponed it so we could celebrate together. Hannukah is always fun with my family. Since I was little my parents have always made it festive and all about being together. For each of the eight nights, my sister and I would have eight gifts each laid out on the living room floor. All wrapped in newspaper (my parents were all for reusable wrapping!). They were numbered 1 to 8. Each night my sister and I would take a turn picking a number. If I thought her number 5 gift looked neat, I picked the number 5 and we both had to open that number. The added twist - no touching of the gifts! I had to hand my sister her gift, and she would hand me mine. Sometimes it was something small - like new mittens or socks (because I go through them like water!) or other times it was something unexpected, but it was always fun.

Not living with my folks anymore, we compress Hannukah into one or maybe two days - we do a present every couple of hours and spread it out. Not quite as suspenseful as staring at them all week, but still a great time. Hubby and I exchanged some gifts this week. Shipping has been rather slow, so both of us have gifts for the other that have not arrived (thank goodness Hannukah is 8 nights!) so giving will continue as long as gifts keep arriving at the door!

I have to say, Hubby is always an amazing gift giver. He is generous beyond belief and always wants to get me something I want that I would not buy for myself. Being the keeper of the bills, I am more stingy with the cash flow, and tend not to really spend on myself. This year, he got me some amazing gifts.
Box Bag
A box bag from Japanese Handmade. This picture does no justice to the colors - they are so much brighter in person! You can never have too many of these bags.
Hannukah Books
Books! One for Ace on developing a puppy for competition, and a couple of knitting books I've been wanting for a while. I have been wanting to make Gathering Intentions from Inspired Cable Knits ever since I saw this one. Me and cables. Love. There have to be about five things in this book I'd love to make. A few for hubby too! The Cat Bordhi book is brand new and has been getting a lot of blog time around the net. What fascinates me is how she has developed a whole new construction for socks. That gusset decrease - not in the same place any more. I have only had a chance to flip through it, but it looks really interesting. Just the thing to juice up my sock knitting!

He also got me a new winter jacket. Mine has seen better days and is probably 8 years old. I wear it to the kennel, to work and pretty much everywhere once the weather turns cold. It's not as warm as it used to be.
LL Bean Down Jacket
Poofy down! I've been wearing it every day since he got it for me. It's warm and cozy and I love it!

Last but not least (though non knitting related) is a set of thinning shears. Ace is going to have tons of coat, and even now, he needs regular trimming to keep him looking all spiffy and neat!
Stripping Knife and Thinning Shears
I can use these on his feet, tail and ears. Now, I've been having to take him to the kennel and wait for Terri to be around to do it. I also picked up a stripping knife at the show in Boston to keep the really fine, downy fur under his ears in check. From now on, he'll be one well kept boy!

He says there "isn't much more" left for gifts. I can't imagine what else he has up his sleeve!!!