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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Off to the Pond

Happily sitting down last night after a good dinner, hot shower and sleeping dogs all around me I planned on knitting a good amount of my yoked pullover. I was at the point where I needed to stop and think about waist decreases. That is when I did it. I decided to measure my gauge again. It seems to have gone from 5 sts/inch to 5.5 and in some spots 6 sts/inch. Hmmmm. I took it off the needles and tried the little tube on. In order to get it to fit comfortably, it had to stretch out to 4.5 or 5 sts/inch (yes, I measured the gauge when it was on me...) So, I sat back down and started to rip. At least I only had about three inches done, and I hadn't done any kind of fancy hem treatment that would make it impossible to rip out quickly. Some consolation. Now I need to rethink the cast on and decrease numbers. The gauge now matches exactly to that of the Sugarplum Pullover, so I may use some of that pattern as a template, though I won't be doing the intricate yoke (for a later project). The yarn was knitting up beautifully. It blooms with a soak, so the fabric at 5.5 or 6 sts per inch should be just about right. Provisional cast on again (good practice I guess!) and try to make it work this time.

I'm using the KnitPicks Options nickel plated interchangeable needles and I have to say, I love knitting with them. They are a bit easier (at least with this yarn) than my Denise Needles which tend to get a bit sticky depending on the kind of yarn. The cables in the KnitPicks set are a ton thinner too. But, where the Denise set really shines is trying things on. They have a connector so you can connect one cable to another and make really long cables. When I would need to try a knit on, I'd simply take off the needle, add on a connector, add another long cable and maybe another connector/cable set if needed. Easy. The stitches would never have to come off the original cable and would stay seated properly. Now, with the KnitPicks needles, I'm guessing I have to transfer the stitches to scrap yarn to try it on, then back to the cable. Kind of a pain. Plus, for me, I always seem to mess something up in the transfer - be it dropping a stitch, twisting or some other debacle. Does anyone who uses these have a better way?

So, we are off to Boston early tomorrow morning for the Bay Colony Dog Show. Four days of all dogs! If you live anywhere in the area and love dogs, I very highly recommend it. You can see pretty much every breed, peek at the "behind the scenes" of showing dogs, as well as watching agility, obedience and rally competitions! Just in time for the holidays, there are tons and tons of vendors selling everything dog related from treats to blankets to jewelry. It's my favorite show of the year! Tucker and I will be in the agility ring, while Ace will be walking around getting used to the hustle and bustle of the show world. In a few months, he'll be ready for his first show!

Hopefully I will have some progress on my yoke sweater take two. And on the New England sock that is still coming along slow but sure. Have a wonderful weekend!