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Friday, November 23, 2007


What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had. Hubby made such an amazing meal. Rotisserie Cornish Game hen, roasted brussel sprouts (my request!), wild mushroom risotto, poached pears with whip cream, cream puffs and individual trifles. (did I snap photos of any of it? nahhhh) It was all amazing. We had a great group of family, friends and dogs filling our house with laughter and great conversation. Everyone got a chance to bowl, play tennis and box on the Wii, and we just had a wonderful time. The weather was crazy. Temperatures reached 60 degrees in the afternoon. Windows were open and the dogs loved being able to play outside. Of course today, it is back in the mid 30's with a blustery wind. Guess that was our one day reprieve. Last year we had more than enough food and sent people home with platters of leftovers. This year, he went for the minimal. Enough food to fill people, but not so they'd have to roll themselves home. There are maybe 2 or 3 containers with leftovers in the fridge. (not including the 23 pound turkey hubby bought "just in case" that has not been cooked yet) It's kind of nice.

I am thankful for so many things - especially my wonderfully perfect, giving and loving husband, my family, my amazing friends (in the blogging and real world!), and of course the pups! They had a great day - lots of their own friends over to play with while we ate. After wrestling and chasing his brother Zeke around for most of the day, Ace crashed hard.

Ace half on
Seems like the Aussies I have love to lay like that - remember Ravin?

On Tuesday we also got our first snow of the season.
First Snow Nov 2007
It was only an inch or so, but it stuck to the grass and other spots. It was all melted by Wednesday afternoon, so it was pretty short lived. No doubt we will have more soon!

We are off to a three day agility trial in Springfield this weekend. I'm planning on bringing lots of warm clothes, and a little cash. The shopping is usually great at this trial! It's held at the site of the Big E fair in Springfield, Massachusetts, and the buildings are usually minimally heated (I have a few big, bulky sweaters that are perfect!) This is the social event of the year in the agility world, so it will be a great time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or regular Thursday wherever you are!) and I plan on returning to regular blogging next week!