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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We had a great time at the agility trial this weekend. Ace got to see his sister, Gracie for the first time since she left.

Three Amigos - Down
L to R: Zeke, Ace and Gracie

She has really caught up size-wise. Little runt no more! She is within a few pounds of Ace (who recently tipped the scales at 19 lbs!) They had such a great time playing, running and doing tons of wrestling. A friend of ours also had her Aussie puppy at the trial, so he joined in the fun too!
Ace is the odd man out being the only black tri in a sea of blue merles! Lots of play time made for some exhausted puppies. It was great!

Tucker did well also - two Excellent Jumpers qualifying rounds. It took us a day to get back in the groove, but there were some very hard courses.

After picking up some books at the library the other day, I did want to recommend two that I thought had some wonderful content and information. Both have gone onto my holiday list!
Veggie Books
Vegetables Every Day is like an encyclopedia of veggies. How to pick them, store them, cook them (recipes included) all arranged in alphabetical order. A wonderful resource.

Greens Glorious Greens focuses on the leafy greens that are plentiful in spring and fall. I know I had a very hard time coming up with new ways to use Swiss Chard and Kale or even what to do with Mustard Greens. This book has tons of recipes and also gives tips on growing greens. I highly recommend both!

Knitting continues on the second New England sock. I'm about halfway down the leg. Progress is very slow. It's a bit frustrating as I'm really enjoying knitting on it when I can steal a little bit of time when Ace is asleep.

Since I can't seem to finish much knitting these days, take a look at Steph's Deep V Sweater and Lolly's Aftur. Both are in my queue. I love the fact that Lolly used thrift store yarn! What a great way to get all those colors!