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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Our early Thanksgiving celebration down in Maryland was wonderful. Having the family together is always nice - we don't get to do it nearly often enough. Ace did wonderful on the long drive down. He was happy chewing on the rawhide in his crate. Tucker, Ace and I went to a nearby agility trial on Saturday. Aside from the fact I forgot my coat and it was a chilly 40 degrees out, we had a great time. The courses were fun, and I got to expose Ace to all the noises, sights and smells of a trial. Tucker did super duper great. A first and two third places for the four runs I did. One of the third place ribbons was for a qualifying run for next years Nationals. He loves running in the cold, brisk weather. It gives him a great spark of energy! We have a three day trial this upcoming weekend indoors. The "Thanksgiving Cluster" as it is known is always a huge social occasion in the agility world here in New England. There is both breed shows as well as agility, and plenty of shopping opportunities! It's one of my favorite trials of the year.

Both of my cousins, age 4 and 6 fell in love with Ace (how could you not?). Especially S - when she was awake, she was playing with him. Running around pulling one of his tug toys that he would chase. Both of them were pretty worn out by the end of the weekend. At dinner on Saturday, she presented me with a book she made for Ace. Per her instructions, I was to read it to him every day to remind him of her and the fun time they had.

Ace's Book - Front
Ace'sBook - Middle
Ace's Book - Back
My favorite page is the back. His little nub tail! She is so creative I just can't get over it.

I did manage to do a little knitting (very little!). I have done about 10 rows of the mate for the first New England sock. The pattern is really nice. Just enough challenge to keep me interested, but once you are into it, easy to follow along.
New England Start
Knitting progress of all kinds has really crept to a halt since Ace's arrival. I know it's only a temporary setback, but a little frustrating all the same. There are so many things I want to knit! Yesterday, Rachel posted about her fabulous new FO. Wow. Cables and a fitted shape. Am I ever smitten. I had seen the pattern for the Cable Down Raglan when I got the Spring 2007 IK. I liked it and bookmarked it (along with about 10 other things) but didn't really think again about it. When I saw that she only used about 800 yards for it, a lightbulb went off.
Kimmet Croft Softie
This is some Kimmet Croft Softie (website has gone kaplunkt since I got it) - a merino/angora mix that is super soft and blooms nicely. The gauge for a swatch I got was 21/4" - spot on for the Cable Down Raglan! I have 1200 yards, so it should be plenty. Now I just have to find the time to cast on!