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Friday, November 30, 2007

Finally Friday

It feels like it was a long week. Even though I had Monday off, for some reason that didn't really help. We had a brief warm snap on Tuesday, but then we plunged right back into winter. It's supposed to be in the upper 20's tomorrow. Toasty.

I have managed to squeeze in some knitting time. The Cable Down Raglan is on the needles and about 10 rows into the pattern. I am using my new KnitPicks Options needles and really loving them. My only problem - a bit of knitters uncertainty. You see, for a while now I have been craving a stranded yoke sweater. Lately, it seems like beautiful ones are popping up everywhere.
Yoked Sweaters
The simplicity of a mostly stockinette sweater combined with some pretty shaping (a la Hourglass sweater) and a colorful yoke - how could it get better? Then, the other day Lolly posted her finished Aftur. Sigh. How can a knitter resist? Then, I saw Whitney post progress on her Bohus in progress. The beige and light blue contrasting trim. Geez. I was in trouble. Looking at the yarn I was using for the Cable Down - it was almost the same color. Light blue - I have that in the stash. Now the quandry. Do I continue with the Cable Down, or send it to a meeting with the ball winder and start thinking about a yoke pattern? I only have 1200 yards of the beige and it is a DK weight - I'm getting about 22 sts/4" right now on my size 7 needles. Resources are plentiful for finding a pattern. I just have to get some time to look. Many a single ball of colorful yarn exists in my stash, so I'm sure I can find some compatible skeins. What to do?

Knit on my sock. Slowly (oh so slowly!) the second New England sock is coming along.
New England 2 (back)
New England 2
While not a mindless knit, once you are into the pattern, it is pretty intuitive. The size 0 needles (thanks Jess!) are a first for me. They have been sitting unused until now. All in all, they really don't feel that different then 1's (what's .25mm?). Having to knit only one is quite a load off though. Kristy put it perfectly when she said that this swap provided "The excitement of knitting a first sock with the ease of knitting a second". Brilliant.

And, to help with spending some of that holiday cash, I saw today on Kathy's blog (of WEBS fame) that they now carry Kureyon Sock Yarn! It is now on pre-order as it hasn't actually arrived yet, but look at those colors! Speaking of colors, they are also going to be carrying the Kauni Multicolor yarn that is responsible for such fantastic color changes seen here, here, here and here. Some of this will be coming home with me soon I'm sure! I feel a road trip coming on!